We Are Members of Privia Medical Group

As of February 23, 2021, we are proud members of Privia Medical Group!

Flu Shots Are Here

The flu season is almost upon us! The first batch of flu shots have arrived in the office. Come see us to get yours today.


PFP Staff Participate in Run or Dye 2013

Employees of Perry Family Practice ran in the Run or Dye 5k held in Macon last Saturday. Inspired by the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, as you run/walk/dance the course, you get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based powdered dye at every kilometer…turning you into a technicolor canvas of fun! It was a great time and gave us all something to talk about when we got back to work on Monday.

Weight Loss Tips

For every pound you want to lose you’ll need to eliminate 3500 calories. The good news is that your body burns energy just by staying alive (each person’s calorie amount varies), so cutting a few hundred calories through diet and exercise will be enough to start moving towards being a slimmer you.
If you aren’t losing weight you may be underestimating the number of calories you eat in any given day. Track your meals and calculate your calories burned working out using a free fitness tracker tool online. One of Dr.Velie’s favorites is myfitnesspal.com.

Back To School

The kids are back in the school and the germs are spreading. Remember to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer and you’ll save yourself some trips to the doctor. According to WebMD.com about 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch. Remember you need to wash for at least 20 seconds when using soap or until the sanitizer evaporates.